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Our Mission - to deliver custom Web, IT Consulting, Photo, Video, and Training services that are specific to our clients' needs and which enable our clients to exceed their objectives.

We are based out of Monument, Colorado and intend to stay small so that we can know and personally take care of our clients. We partner with other professionals to extend our capabilities to serve our clients, and we often work through our partners to help them serve their customers.

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glass-vs-iwatchWhere do you stand on the next great tech debate? Tablets and smart phones have been outselling desktops and laptops since 2010. Android tablets outsold iPads in Q4 2012. These are battles that are already decided in the marketplace.


I stumbled into the next great debate last week when a friend, Gary, asked my son Adam what he thought about the not-even-announced-but-possible-upcoming iWatch from Apple and how it might change the world. I was going to pipe up about how I thought Google Glass might be the next cell phone equivalent of personal technology - when Gary shot it down as the next Segway - cool, but it will never catch on.

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howiejacobsonOne of my favorite web gurus is Howie Jacobson (check out AskHowie.com).  Howie wrote AdWords for Dummies which I refer to several times a year to remind myself of what is at the core of on-line marketing. Don't knock the Dummies books.

Howie sends out regular updates to email subscribers, and he generates much of his consulting revenue from this stream of followers.

A recent email includes an interview with Ben Hunt, author of the popular marketing book Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion.

If you are not reading/watching/listening to people within your own business discipline, you really need to start in order to stay current.

You can get to an interview between Howie and Ben which is 90 minutes long, but worth the time if you are on the road as I will be next week, or in a place where you can let it run in the background while you are fixing dinner, folding laundry....

To get you started, here is what Ben has to say:

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