SEO Services

It's a Big World Out There, how will they find you?

When we started creating websites in 1995, the Web world was much simpler. If you loaded your pages with the right keywords and hid them in the right "meta tags", you stood a pretty good chance of being found on the first page or two of search results. Now, it takes a tuned site focusing on a select number of key words and phrases, and you may need many thousands of sites linking to you to land in the top page for popular search terms, even for local searches such as "colorado springs real estate".

Google's PageRank algorithm, weights two things above all - does your site have the keywords that the searcher is looking for, and do other, relevant sites point to it. If you target your keywords successfully, and you work diligently to grow the number of sites linking to you, you can succeed.

We have helped clients grow from not being found to being on the first and second pages of the free, "organic" search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.